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Drug Payment Scheme

If you are not a Medical Card holder why not avail of the Drug Payment Scheme?
Under the Drug Payment Scheme, each individual or family will only pay a maximum charge of €144 in any one calendar month! You will receive your own unique DPS Card and Number which we will add to your records.

For more details on how to apply for the DPS please ask us and we will be happy to help you sign up.

Medical Card Scheme

The Medical Card allows people access to GP services, Maternity and Infant Services and Dental services free of charge.
From December 1st 2013, Medical Card holders are required to pay €2.50 per item on their prescriptions up to a maximum of €25 per month per family.

The Medical Card is valid for one year and once the year is up the person will receive a review form. If this form is not completed and returned on time, you run the risk of losing the card or the card not being re-issued.

If you require further advice, please ask any of our pharmacy team.

Long Term Illness Scheme

Irish residents suffering from certain long term illnesses or disabilities may be eligible to apply for the Long Term Illness Scheme (LTI) Card. This scheme enables you to receive medication and/or appliances directly needed as a result of your illness or disability free of charge.
The conditions covered by the LTI scheme are as follows:

Long Term Illnesses include:

Acute LeukaemiaMentally HandicappedCerebral Palsy
Cystic FibrosisMultiple SclerosisDiabetes Mellitus
ParkinsonismEpilepsySpina Bifida

GP Visit Card

A GP Visit Card allows individuals and families to visit their family doctor free of charge, but all medication prescribed must be paid for.

Repeat Prescriptions

You may leave your repeat prescription with us to file in the Pharmacy.

How does this help?

Instead of waiting while we dispense your medicine, you could phone the pharmacy and ask them to dispense it for you. You can then call in at a time that suits you, and it will be ready for you to pick up – no more waiting!